Your Computer Was Not Assigned An Address From The Network

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: Enabled Ethernet adapter Ethernet 4: Connection-specific DNS Suffix .

: fe80::8cdb:8dda(Preferred) Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address.

And I don't see any loopback DHCP errors in the logs.

Be sure to deselect (un-check) the "Legacy loopback support" to get the new loopback capture support without cluttering up the list of real network adapters. I don't see NPCAP loopback in my Device Manager or ipconfig any more.

That's the NPCAP address: Ethernet adapter Ethernet 3: Connection-specific DNS Suffix .

: fe80::60af:c8fe:3fff%(Preferred) Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address.

Yesterday they spanned the afternoon, pairs of errors at ~2 minute intervals, then ~5, ~10, ~30 minutes...

The DHCP error storms began 14Feb19 Seem to repeat once or twice on hibernate or wake Bursts like to appear around 2PM, sometimes 1 or 3 or 4 PM, but can happen any time.

After you install the update, your files are restored to their original state, and the blue arrows disappear from the file icons in File Explorer.

When files or folders are compressed, they appear as having two blue arrows overlaid on the icon.


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