Yale University Phd Thesis

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After the first two years, most graduate students serve as teaching fellows in undergraduate or first-year graduate courses and value the experience of learning by teaching.

During summers and part-time during the term, graduate students frequently assist faculty members in their research, another opportunity for learning by doing.

There are 37 tenured professors and 13 non-tenured associate or assistant professors. In 2011 Robert Shiller gave a presentation titled “The Yale Tradition in Macroeconomics” (slides) at the Yale Economic Alumni Conference.

The talk actually gives a nice history of the department going back to 1813.

Our faculty covers a broad range of research and teaching interests.

Courses and seminars span the whole spectrum of economics: from the mathematics of general equilibrium theory to economic history; from statistical and econometric methodology to its applications in macro economics, labor economics and demography; from macroeconomic policy to antitrust and environmental regulation; from the United States and developed economies to the developing nations of Latin America, Asia and Africa; from international trade and finance to the theory of public choice. Our faculty is eclectic in methodologies and views of economics. You will acquire a critical perspective on the full range of approaches to macroeconomics.One has to be prudent about crime in New Haven, but the problems here are not greater than in most other urban areas.The quality of cultural life is remarkable for a city of this size (roughly 120,000).Many students and faculty members live on the charming tree-lined streets of the East Rock neighborhood, within walking distance of the department.Whether you live in the city or in a nearby town, the area offers some of the loveliest features of New England life, without the congestion typical of a major city.By the fall of your third year, you should have met the qualifying requirements — the theory comprehensive exam, the econometrics courses and paper, an economic history course, and the oral exams in two fields of your choice.Formal work on the dissertation begins in the third year; students are encouraged to get a head start on their thesis by research and writing in a second-year course or seminar.Whatever your interest, the chances are that you will find someone on the faculty to guide you, if not in a regularly offered course or seminar or workshop, then in a reading and research course tailored to your needs, and finally in your Ph. You will be well trained in neoclassical theory and in the theory of public choice, externalities and market failures. Our graduate students come from all over the world, diverse in educational backgrounds and life experience. can be completed in four years, and occasionally is, but most take five.You will master the skills of sophisticated modern econometrics and understand pitfalls in its applications. The proportion of women in entering classes has varied between 25 and 50 percent since 1997. Typically the first year is devoted to the core courses in micro theory, macro theory, econometrics, and economic history or related subjects.The faculty skit that ordinarily follows is worth the price of admission (zero).Life in New Haven, sometimes maligned in contrast with Boston or the San Francisco area, is actually very pleasing.


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