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His website, contains a wide variety of material for teaching journalism. Writing for Public Relations The Public Relations Process An Organization’s “Publics” The Work of the PR Practitioner Characteristics of the PR Practitioner Writing News Releases Video News Releases Letters Emails Company Publications Websites and an Organization’s Online Presence Oral Presentations Conclusion Sidebar 12.1: A News Release Checklist Points for Consideration and Discussion Web Sites Exercises Chapter 12.Stovall is also the author of the mystery novel, “Kill the Quarterback.” I) Brief Table of Contents Chapter 1. The Writer and the Law by Matthew Bunker The First Amendment Defamation The Plaintiff’s Case Affirmative Defenses Privacy Copyright and Trademarks Advertising Broadcast Regulation Conclusion Further Reading Websites Chapter 13.

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Jim grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and that is his favorite setting for his novels.

Welcome to the web site for the sixth edition of Writing for the Mass Media.

"Writing for the Mass Media" also covers all major areas of media, including the Internet.

In addition, its basic and practical approach makes this text an excellent book for any introductory writing course.

New exercises found in many of the chapters, including those involving grammar and style, allow students to put content into practice.

An updated Companion Website ( and Instructor's Manual, with additional material for lectures and discussion, as well as some additional exercise material, provide supplementary material for users.

Before coming to Tennessee, he was a visiting professor of mass communication at Emory and Henry College in Emory, Virginia. from the University of Tennessee and is a former reporter and editor for several newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune. Writing for the Web Characteristics of the web Journalism Expanded and Accelerated News Websites Blogging (Web Logs) Social Media Mobile Journalism Reporting for the Web Writing for the Web The Future Points for Consideration and Discussion Websites Exercises Chapter 8.

From 1978 to 2003 he taught journalism at the University of Alabama. Stovall has more than five years of public relations experience. Writing for Broadcast Journalism Sound as a Reporting Tool Writing to Be Heard Techniques and Conventions Story Structure Writing the Audio/Video News Story Recording Audio Writing the Audio/Video News Story Editing Audio Ethics of Editing Audio Television News Selection of News Telling the Story with Video Shooting the Video Editing Video Broadcast Copy Preparation Putting Together a Newscast The Extended Interview, the Documentary and the Web Conclusion Points for Consideration and Discussion Websites Exercises Chapter 9.

Interactive videos provide students with the opportunity to watch and evaluate sample speeches. Basic News Writing The Inverted Pyramid Developing the Story Characteristics of News Stories Headlines Summaries News Writing in the Near Future Points for Consideration and Discussion Websites Exercises Chapter 6.

Online self-assessments and pre- and post-tests help students assess their comfort level with public speaking and their knowledge of the material. Meeman Distinguished Professor of Journalism at the University of Tennessee. Writing for Print Journalism Newspapers and Magazines Today Types of News Stories Writing Feature Stories Long-Form and Literary Journalism Editing and Rewriting Books The Challenge of Writing Points for Consideration and Discussion Websites Exercises Chapter 7.


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