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Most readers skip the dedication page anyways, so it's not as if it's going to really influence their view.I'd find it interesting, myself, but others might be slightly confused to see a different language or alphabet.This is directed at my partner, also a scientist, who is Japanese (we were doing long distance at the time).

Most readers skip the dedication page anyways, so it's not as if it's going to really influence their view.

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I looked at dissertation dedication page examples from numerous dissertations as I wrote mine.

I just did a random survey of ten dissertations and three did not include dedications. The dissertation dedications pages were brief and usually centered on a spouse, family members, or sometimes an influential mentor.

Would that annoy the readers who do not know the language of the dedication?

Would that be considered as "putting private message in a publicly-designated document"?

It's not uncommon for these to take an informal tone and have in-jokes directed at particular lab members, friends, and family how provided support. However, it is important that your readers (and especially your examiners) can read and understand some of it.

Specifically, they will check whether your supervisor(s) have been acknowledged.In contrast to an acknowledgments section, a dedication section is short and usually focused on one person (or specific group of people).It is usually personal, rather than professional, and not everyone who contributed to the book’s creation needs be included (again, that goes in the book acknowledgments section).My supervisor did not even copyedit mine, he marked it clearly as such so that I was aware that I had to proofread it carefully myself.You can acknowledge whoever and whatever is important in your life, I've seen Ph D theses dedicated to God, deceased relatives, and even Cup Ramen.But I doubt many people would stop reading just because they saw something like that.Supervisors will not make you change your acknowledgements or dedication. It is your personal choice what to include here and your choice alone.This is especially meaningful when you later present them with a hardcover copy of your dissertation.The length of dissertation dedications varies quite a bit.Here are some categories of people that are common focuses of a book dedication: No.Most authors do dedicate their books, but it is not required or mandatory.


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