Writing A Statement For Family Court

These stories might illustrate positive character traits or describe the ways in which a parent employed a particularly effective style of parenting or showed a constructive attitude toward the child.

Mental illness can affect not only a person's life, but those around them as well.

Understanding how a mother's mental illness can factor into a custody determination will help you properly exercise you rights as a father.

In New Jersey, there is a strong presumption in favor of preserving the family unit and ensuring children have ample time with each parent.

The opening of a child custody character reference letter will usually introduce the writer and describe her relationship to the parent.

Further, the letter might list the writer’s credentials, particularly if she has particular knowledge in child rearing and development.

Legal custody may overlap with physical custody and involves the right of a party to make decisions about a child’s health, education and welfare.

Physical and legal custody can be either joint—shared by two parents—or sole, entrusted to only one parent.

A character letter can serve as a type of evidence attesting to a parent’s fitness.

Most often, custody character letters are employed in contested cases, such as divorces where one parent is seeking sole custody and the other wants joint custody.


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