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If it is already available to the public and is used unchanged, it is usually COTS. Also, do not use the terms "freeware" or "shareware" as a synonym for "open source software".Do D Instruction 8500.2, “Information Assurance (IA) Implementation”, Enclosure 4, control DCPD-1, states that these terms apply to software where "the Government does not have access to the original source code".

Such products are assessed for information assurance impacts, and approved for use by the DAA.

The assessment addresses the fact that such software products are difficult or impossible to review, repair, or extend, given that the Government does not have access to the original source code and there is no owner who could make such repairs on behalf of the Government.

In software, "Open Source" refers to software where the human-readable source code is available to the users of the software.

(see above) At this time there is no widely-accepted term for software whose source code is available for review but does not meet the definition of open source software (due to restrictions on use, modification, or redistribution).

"Open source software" is also called "Free software", "libre software", "Free/open source software (FOSS or F/OSS)", and "Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS)".

The term "Free software" predates the term "open source software", but the term "Free software" has been sometimes misinterpreted as meaning "no cost", which is not the intended meaning in this context.

Careful legal review is required to determine if a given license is really an open source software license.

The following organizations examine licenses; licenses should pass at least the first two industry review processes, and preferably all of them, else they have a greatly heightened risk of not being an open source software license: In practice, nearly all open source software is released under one of a very few licenses that are known to meet this definition.

Do D no longer requires that operating system software be obtained through a valid vendor channel and have a formal support path, if the source code for the operating system is publicly available for review". DFARS 252.227-7014 Rights in Noncommercial Computer Software and Noncommercial Computer Software Documentation defines "Commercial computer software" as "software developed or regularly used for non-governmental purposes which: (i) Has been sold, leased, or licensed to the public; (ii) Has been offered for sale, lease, or license to the public; (iii) Has not been offered, sold, leased, or licensed to the public but will be available for commercial sale, lease, or license in time to satisfy the delivery requirements of this contract; or (iv) Satisfies a criterion expressed in paragraph (a)(1)(i), (ii), or (iii) of this clause and would require only minor modification to meet the requirements of this contract." There are many other reasons to believe OSS is commercial software: It is important to understand that open source software is commercial software, because there are many laws, regulations, policies, and so on regarding commercial software. law () requires a preference for commercial items for procurement of supplies or services.

It notes in particular that three cases for software are acceptable: The DISA STIG also notes "4. Code Title 41, Chapter 7, Section 403) defines "commercial item" as including "Any item, other than real property, that is of a type customarily used by the general public or by non-governmental entities for purposes other than governmental purposes (i.e., it has some non-government use), and (i) Has been sold, leased, or licensed to the general public; or (ii) Has been offered for sale, lease, or license to the general public ...". Code Title 41, Chapter 7, Section 431 defines the term "Commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) item"; software is COTS if it is (a) a "commercial item", (b) sold in substantial quantities in the commercial marketplace, and (c) is offered to the Government, without modification, in the same form in which it is sold in the commercial marketplace. Failing to understand that open source software is commercial software would result in failing to follow the laws, regulations, policies, and so on regarding commercial software. requires that the head of an agency shall ensure that procurement officials in that agency, to the maximum extent practicable: Similarly, it requires preliminary market research to determine "whether there are commercial items or, to the extent that commercial items suitable to meet the agency’s needs are not available, nondevelopmental items other than commercial items available" that "(A) meet the agency’s requirements; (B) could be modified to meet the agency’s requirements; or (C) could meet the agency’s requirements if those requirements were modified to a reasonable extent." This market research should occur "before developing new specifications for a procurement by that agency; and before soliciting bids or proposals for a contract in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold." An agency that failed to consider open source software, and instead only considered proprietary software, would fail to comply with these laws, because it would unjustifiably exclude a significant part of the commercial market.


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