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It is known that heavy viewers are reported to watch approximately 8 hours a day.

Television addiction is characterized by spending large amount of time in front of television.

Watching TV for long hours has a negative effect on your thinking and behavioral patterns.

The electric activity in your brain increases and neutrons start to race, as you watch TV for long period at night. Turn off the TV an hour before going to the bed and try to shut your eye in dark. Starting and ending the day with TV You can really be addicted to TV, if you are starting and ending the day with TV.

Though television will provide a short-term escape from real life, it will keep you locked within it.

Instead of using time and energy to deal with problems, many people waste time on television.

You can fall asleep by reading a book, instead of watching latest crime drama. Take a break from routine activities, if you find it difficult to avoid TV.

A lot of people who are addicted to TV have poor control over their will.

Remember that you have to come out of the couch to create your own life. If you don’t have any hobby other than watching TV, it’s time to get into a new hobby. Irregular sleep schedule Is TV disturbing your sleep cycle?

If yes, you should stay committed to watch TV for a certain period.


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