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Education is a process of learning in which some people consciously and favourably teach while others adopt the social role of learner.

In small pre-literate societies, such as hunting and gathering bands, informal education was widespread.

Education supple­ments what families can teach their children at home needed to function in the complex modem world.

Education in its modern form involving the instruc­tions of pupils within socially constructed school premises gradually began to emerge with the spread of printed material.

Not only this, education divides the society into educated and uneducated, and this division has its own repercussion on society.

It creates as well as reinforces existing social class inequality.People now work in many different occupations and work skills can no longer be passed on directly from parents to children. To know the ways how to live life in a righteous way; and 3.Formal education has become a necessary condition for obtaining modern jobs and is also one of the status indices to objectively assess the status mobility. When people can read, and learn things that can be done differently, they are presumably more ready to imagine the effects of change in their lives and to work for changes which they think will benefit them. To develop consciousness about his rights and duties towards society and fellow men.It was found that girls do better than boys until adolescence.The results of Secondary/Senior Secondary Board examinations reveal that girls get good grades at these examinations.Education has become a vast and complex institution throughout the world.It prepares citizens for various roles demanded by other social institutions, such as the family, government and the economy.They teach children elite values and norms so that everyone believes that the position of elites and inequality both are justified.Elite children usually receive higher credentials and move into elite jobs, whereas those from the lower classes do lower jobs, thus preserving class-related inequalities.They also say that education functions not for the good of the society (masses) but for the good of elites (classes).Reformers value education, of course, for its own sake—for the oppor­tunity it provides for individuals to develop their abilities and aptitudes.


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