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Now there is no need to install lengthy wires to set up the network. Wireless technology uses radio waves for communication rather than relying on wires.

There are various topics in wireless communication for thesis, project and research.

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WLAN is based on IEEE 802.11 standard and commonly referred as Wi-Fi.

This network is for commercial use as it is easy to install and use.Routing algorithm and network connectivity are the key parameters to determine which node will forward the data.The nodes in the network are free to move as the wireless ad-hoc network is self-configurable and dynamic.It is another choice for thesis in wireless communication.There are two main components of WLAN:station and which requires access point are referred to as infrastructure base station.Types of Wireless LANThere are two types of WLAN based on their mode of operation: Infrastructure modead-hoc mode In infrastructure mode, devices communicate through an access point while in ad-hoc mode the devices communicate directly.In infrastructure mode, base station act as the access point hub and all the nodes communicate through that hub.Following are the main applications of wireless ad-hoc network: It is an IEEE 802.16 based wireless communication standards and provides multiple physical layer and media access control(MAC) options.It stands for wireless interoperability for Microwave Access.Following are the list of current thesis topics in wireless communication: MIMO is an antenna-based technology of wireless communication in which both sender and receiver uses multiple antennas to enhance the capacity of a radio link.It reduces errors and optimizes data speed by the combining the antennas at each end. It is very good topic for thesis and research in wireless communication.


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