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Throughout the story, the narrator gradually describes Emily’s descent into madness and her unwillingness to accept the change happening around her....[tags: William Faulkner, Sartoris, Short story] - Often, people are bombarded with the possibility of change, but in many cases, “People don’t resist change. In William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily”, Faulkner discusses the upbringing and demise of Emily Grierson through many life altering events.Even after she lets a man into her life, she doesn’t treat him like a normal woman would.

When we are first introduced to Emily it is at her funeral where the entire town has come to falsely pay their respects.

The men only went to Emily’s funeral because they viewed her as a fallen monument and the women only went out of curiosity to peer inside Emily’s house, which had been closed up to the world and shrouded in mystery for decades.

[tags: Short story, William Faulkner, Sartoris] - A Rose for Emily William Faulkner 's “ A Rose for Emily ” illustrates the extremes that someone may be driven to in the face of the “ loveless ” life that Miss Emily’s father created for her by driving away all the potential suitors.

The major and minor events in the story help develop the plot idea that in the progress from an aristocratic but romanticized past to a more egalitarian present and future.

A Rose for Emily is a story that goes from present to past quite frequently.

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This Southern Gothic tale takes place in a small town that Emily lives in.- A Rose for Emily is a short story wrote by William Faulkner.This story has five central characters Miss Emily Grierson, Tobe, the town’s people, Miss Emily Grierson’s father and Homer Barron.[tags: William Faulkner, Sartoris, The Mansion] - People often stick to tradition, but does that mean tradition is proper.Throughout time, many things in life change, but sometimes things stay preserved.[tags: William Faulkner, Short story] - William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” discusses the pitiful and lonely life of Emily Grierson from the perspective of the nosey townspeople.Emily’s peculiar and secluded personality is derived from the death of her father and inability to feel emotion and vulnerability again.The past is the past and cannot be altered, but things can become spoiled, whether by nature or by man.Gender representation has come a long way in the past few hundred years.[tags: William Faulkner, Sartoris, Short story] - Accepting death and tribulations can be intimidating to the person who is dealing with it, but not letting go of a corpse seems rather creepy and ridiculous.However, that was what one particular character had done twice in the story “A Rose for Emily.” In the story a woman named Emily was living a tragic life in Jefferson, Alabama with her father, Colonel Sartoris, who was rather very strict and old cultured.


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