White Symbolism In The Great Gatsby Essay

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They can convey messages, expressing that which words do not.

Gentle blue tones can calm a person and bright yellows can lift the spirits.

The parties that take place in the house are epic, with throngs of people filing through and performances taking place in different rooms and exterior areas.

The house also represents the fact that Gatsby's money is "new money," i.e. While the mansion is lavish and gigantic, it is not tasteful or stately like the Buchanan estate, which is located in the more "old money" East Egg.

The Valley of Ashes, and its extreme poverty, shows the huge contrast between rich and poor in New York at the time.

Its unsavory aspects illuminate the ways that the poor live in squalor, while the rich look down on them.The film is about the decadence and excess of wealth in 1920s America, so it seems fitting that a central image of the film would be Gatsby's gargantuan mansion.The house is huge and filled with expensive objects, furniture and art deco designs, and its exterior looks more like a Disney fairy tale castle than a private residence.The colors of Gatsby's wardrobe reveal his pretensions and his inauthenticity as a wealthy man.Colors are an essential part of the world around us.Throughout the book characters, places, and objects F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in the 1920s.Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan who is having an affair with a married woman named Myrtle Wilson.Fitzgerald uses many colors to describe many objects, feelings and emotions; this is called color symbolism.Nick describes the Valley of Ashes as "a grotesque place" when it is first introduced.Indeed, it is the polar opposite of the affluent Long Island communities of East Egg and West Egg. In Baz Luhrmann's imagination, the abject landscape of the Valley of Ashes is almost post-apocalyptic, as workers covered in ashes and oil trudge through the gray town.


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