Violence On Tv And Essay

This can lead to many unwanted and dangerous consequences.

In addition, the social behavior of children who spend many hours almost hypnotized in front of the television set, also changes drastically.

This method of rating television shows was very familiar to the general public.

It was similar to the Motion Picture Association of America’s system for movies.

The letters V, S, L, and D were added to indicate the presence of violence, sex, language, and suggestive dialogue.

The letters „FV,” indicating „fantasy violence,” were then added to the children’s ratings to warn parents of the presence of „more intense“ violence in those programs.

The original TV Parental Guidelines contained the following four ratings: TV-G (general audience), TV-PG (parental guidance suggested), TV-14 (parents strongly cautioned), and TV-MA (mature audiences only).

The One difference between the two systems is that the TV Parental Guidelines included a separate, two-level rating system for children’s programs: TV-Y (all children) and TV-Y7 (directed to older children).

The revised TV Parental Guidelines went into effect in October of 1997.

This is a great resource for parents to use in order to determine the appropriateness of what their kids watch.


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