Variety Is Spice Of Life Essay

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The variety of opinions, variety of experiences and the variety of lifestyle made the development of our civilization possible. One of the most essential component of life is variety.Spices are these little things mostly seed, fruit, root, bark which are used in nutritionally insignificant quantities to pep up ones food. Spices also serve as a preservative by killing or preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

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However, I need to register some reservations here.

When you use the phrase ‘Variety Is the Spice of Life’ you mean that doing a lot of different things and interacting with all sorts of people, etc.

A cook uses different spices, different garnishes; each rendering the same dish a different taste.

Similarly if we make changes in our life we could challenge the sameness and lead more meaningful lives.

This clearly illustrates the importance of variety in life. Though it was a marvellous invention, scientists however were not satisfied with it(is this contribution of our civilization.indeed, it is of westerners').

As such, the world would have experienced a standstill in the absence of variety. Hence, they made amendments in its shape and functions.

Consequently, they developed more sophisticated forms of electric bulbs today we have. Journey of our civilization from caveman to modern day human became possible only because of variety.

Further, it is because of variety that Will Durant preferred to be a philosopher, while John Keats loved composing poetry. For example, Thomous Edison invented electric bulb.

Aid sometimes just likes a preservative it can cure depression, and alleviate boredom. Variety is the spice of life means that life could be made more interesting my making some significant changes. Besides, it serves to break the monotony of our lives – one of the reasons for depression these days.

The message conveyed by this phrase if taken seriously could change the course of our lives. If one is used to having lentil and rice everyday for lunch for a change a biryani is very welcome.


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