Value Of Sports And S Essay

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The Duke of Willington said that Napolean was defeated net at Waterloo on the play-fields of Eton.

Obviously, the Duke underlined the qualities of team-work, discipline, self-controls and Self-sacrifice that the players imbibe in the play-fields and which lie behind all great conquests.

Sports play a significant role in building the character of a parson.

They are an excellent in concentration and alertness.

Another value of games and sports is that they are ac excel­lent recreation. We get tired and bored and exhausted by the day’s drudgery.

A game of foot-ball or hockey or badminton or a series of exercises in the gymnasium banishes all fatigue, restores our lost energy and affords us relaxation.

Victory does not make him proud with exultation and defeat does not make him crestfallen.

He plays the game with zest and zeal with a free heart and in a spirit of joviality and zest.

Sportsmanship is a quality which is not exclusive to the players and sportsmen or to the spectators, ‘arm-chair-sportsmen’ alone.

This great quality is to be imbibed, inculcated and practiced by all in all the spheres of life.


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