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Burke was elected to the White House Conference on Small Business and was also nominated for Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Several of his ground-breaking business concepts have even been documented as case-studies for MBA students.

The Complete plan can range from 15 to 40 pages or more.

Here you need to explain your business concept in detail to potential backers, strategic partners, or potential buyers of your company.

It is your master blueprint to which you tie your budgets and departmental plans.

The key elements of the operational plan are the Company Direction, supported by sound plans for Products/Services, Marketing/Sales and Finance/ Administration.

It should clearly state the specific request(s) you are making with your business plan and what your company brings to the table should the request be fulfilled by the reader.

A Summary Business Plan is a much shorter document that highlights the most important information about your business and its direction.

And more than 2 million entrepreneurs have used it!

He regularly speaks and participates in seminars, conferences and panels, and has been interviewed on radio and television shows for entrepreneurs.

Biz Plan Builder also supplements the “business model canvas” and “lean start-up” ideas to provide investors with the details that make them comfortable and inspired to write checks. Biz Plan Builder works best for unique business concepts. Business Power Burke Franklin is known as “the man who’s helped launch a million businesses” with his best-selling business plan software, Biz Plan Builder…

And it’s the funding leader evolved and vetted over 25 years through thousands of deals with banks, SBA lenders, angel investors & venture capitalists worldwide. and creator of Business Power Tools, the company that developed an original suite of software tools to help entrepreneurs and business owners start, finance and manage their companies with real-world best-practices and minimal BS.


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