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Other will have a space where an image of something being earned such as a reinforcer can be placed.A chart might have space to write down what is being worked towards while others will be used only to record how many tokens have been earned.

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Reinforcers that individuals would normally encounter in society, such as verbal praise, should accompany the awarding of tokens to aid in the fading process. "Restructuring an Existing Token Economy in a Psychiatric Facility for Children." Child & Family Behavior Therapy 23, no.

Advantages of token economies are that behaviors can be rewarded immediately, rewards are the same for all members of a group, use of punishment (response cost) is less restrictive than other forms of punishment, and individuals can learn skills related to planning for the future.

This tool can be very helpful in supporting the increase of particular behaviors as well as a decrease of others.

However, token economies should be used in conjunction with the behavior plan already in place.

While the principles behind a token economy do not change, the implementation of this system can and should vary based on the child’s abilities, interests and the specific behaviors being targeted.

The many aspects of a token economy should be individualized to meet the learner’s needs and interests.Token economies can be a positive part of the behavior modification process by using items that interest the client.For example, if the client is crazy about Mickey Mouse, the tokens themselves can be pictures of Mickey.The tokens are collected and later exchanged for a meaningful object or privilege.The primary goal of a token economy is to increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behavior.If a child engages in aggression or stereotypy, tokens may be delivered during times they are not engaging in these behaviors.A backup reinforcer is an activity, item or privilege that the child enjoys. The token economy is effective because the child soon makes the association between the back-up reinforcers and the tokens for engaging in the desired behaviors.Clients with multiple interests often want to earn different types of tokens for their token economy.For older clients who may think a picture system is silly, points or coins can be used instead of paper tokens.Just as the types of behaviors a token economy enforces are different, so are the ways in which this system is depicted.Some charts are simply boards with a laminated sheet of paper, a particular number of Velcro strips with stars, smiley faces or other symbols.


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