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Toefl Essay Minimum Words-22
Writing while being timed is a very natural activity.I mean, when else do you have to race against a clock to finish an essay?

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You must have improved because you started developing your arguments more fully (which, in turn, would lead to a higher word count -- I just want to be clear, though, when I say that it's the level of development and proficiency with the language that helped you reach a higher score rather than just a higher word count or additional paragraph).

In my experience, more of my students are successful writing a FOUR-PARAGRAPH essay than one with 5 paragraphs.

It is good to know that with two well-developed paragraphs we can still get good score. I wrote 218 words for the integrated part and 311 words for the independent.

Do you know anybody who has been able to get a perfect score in this part with these word-counts?

You only have thirty minutes to write an essay that showcases your awesome English skills.

But you’re paralyzed with anxiety, thinking “what if I make a huge mistake?(Save a few minutes at the end for proofreading as well. Also make sure that you have clearly supported your thesis or main idea.) Below are two demonstrations of essay planning/outlining in response to two different writing prompts. Use any abbreviations you’ll recognize as you write.) I developed the outline for writing prompt 2 into the sample IELTS essay below the outlines. These simple steps, along with basic common sense, can help researchers determine the value of the internet information they find.(If you’re interested, the plan outlined for Prompt 1 became the gap-fill essay in See Tony Hillerman's Navajo Detectives for an example of an essay analyzing a literary work.)Two Example Outlines TOEFL or IELTS Essay Outline, Example 1: “Online learning has more advantages than disadvantages.” To what extent do you agree or disagree? Examining the authority or research credentials of the site, searching for possible bias or ulterior motives, and comparing with other sources will give clear indications of the reliability of a site.However, I always write three body paragraphs because I feel it is safer to get a high score.I have never tried to write two well-written body paragraphs. Hello, I took my TOEFL i BT exam on 22nd October, but the thing, which concerns me is my writing's score. Now almost any kind of information can be found online, usually free. Summary The Internet has made information available to anyone who can type in a few simple search terms, but it also provides large amounts of biased, outdated, or simply false “information.” Fifty years ago, finding facts about an uncommon medical condition or the economy of another country required a visit to a research library.If you are only adding an extra body paragraph to boost your word count, that alone is a pretty good clue that you are not developing your body paragraphs sufficiently.The raters will not reward you for being clever enough to think of a 3rd argument to support your thesis statement; they will reward you if BOTH/ALL of your body paragraphs are extremely well-written and well-supported with details and examples. In the writing session, my body paragraphs are well-developed.The sample essay at the bottom of the page a also fits the requirements for either exam with the given writing prompt. On the other hand, if material seems controversial or contradicts common sense, it ought to be investigated further.It’s worth taking a few minutes to roughly outline your paragraphs and main points. Once the major points of view or arguments on the subject are clear, searchers can compare the evidence, arguments, and credentials of the opposing sides to decide which (if any) they can believe.


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