Time And Distance Solved Problems

Time And Distance Solved Problems-63
Ok, then Time and Distance Quiz will help you learn concepts on an important topic.

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Here is a latest Time and Distance Aptitude Online Test which is useful for upcoming Bank exam.

This Time and Distance MCQ quiz contain essential questions which match the pattern of banking, so make sure that and attempt Time and Distance Aptitude Online Test as much as required to check your preparation level.

They start on his YBX and go by the newly opened Pune Mumbai expressway.

Find the approximate ratio of the speeds of the first to the second person. Prateek decides to go on a trip to Matheran along with his girlfriend.

So people practice hard to get success in all these areas.

The topics that are covered in the Time and Distance Aptitude Questions are Average Speed, Relative Speed, Problems on Trains, etc.Are you preparing for any competitive exams like Banking, Insurance, and Recruitment or Entrance exams?Are you eagerly waiting to solve a section on Quant?And while appearing the test people can find the answer by clicking on the View Answer Tab. Applicants need to work hard on Time and Distance Quiz Online Test. Time and Distance is an important chapter of quantitative aptitude. None of these John travelled from his town to city. Sol : Option B Explanation: Train A takes 4 hrs to complete its journey and train B takes 6 hrs to complete its journey. ∴ Remaining distance = D/2 ∴ time taken to meet = = 1 hr 12 min. and another train traveling at the speed of 95 kmph at 1.30 p.m. After how many km from Ambala will they be together? If it moved 2 km/hr slower, it would have taken 20 minutes more. Sol : Option B Explanation: Let the distance be D km. Normally it takes 3 hours for a train to run from A to B. It takes 60 minutes more, if 300 km is done by bike and the rest by Electric car. What is the ratio of the speeds of train A to train B? Distance covered by train A in 2 hrs = D/4 × 2 = D/2. While on the way, however, the train lost about half an hour while taking halt at the stations. A train traveling at the speed of 80 kmph leaves Ambala at 10.30 a.m. If the train moved 4 km/hr faster, it would have taken 30 minutes less. If the total journey took 2 hours, find the length of the journey that was undertaken on the expressway. It takes ten hours for a 800 km journey, if 200 km is done by Bike and the rest by Electric car.$D= \textbf$ Edit: If you have doubts, please check comments excellent comments to clear the doubts).Edit 2: For an alternative solution, check comment by Pankaj Sharma.As this topic forms an integral part of every competitive exam, you cannot afford to miss this topic.This article will equip you to solve all time, speed and distance word problems.


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