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Our thoughts about these actions and spoken words are what make them annoying, or not.Most of the time, we cannot change how people act or speak, but we can change how we react to them.When that happens, we are at the mercy of others and allow them to affect us negatively.

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Facebook status: "I can't wait till hubby gets home! Conversely, when we were having marital problems a few years back, I lost a ton of weight. Now we are doing well again, so I'm back to fat and happy.

Not everyone does, so please be sensitive with these types of questions. Then we had our first child, and all hope of going to the gym regularly was lost. (Thankfully, Mike is also back to being clean shaven.) All is right in the world, although my long hair still annoys me to death.

For some people, it seems to happen more frequently compared to others.

We get irritated and agitated when certain people act in a certain way or say specific things.

If you think to yourself, “that person is inconsiderate for blasting his stereo and his choice of music is terrible”, you will probably get annoyed.

If, on the other hand, you realize and accept that this person simply likes different music than you do and he enjoys playing it loudly, then you will not get irritated by him. Most of the time the actions and words of others are neutral.However, if my thoughts about his actions stay neutral, I will not get annoyed.Similarly, if a car pulls up next to you at a stop light and the driver is blasting music that you are not fond of, you have a choice.In the 11 years since our wedding day, Mike and I have experienced our fair share of "annoyances" that crop up when you're a married couple. Though we've gotten used to them, these are some of the things that bug me most. They're people, and shouldn't be classified like baked goods. It is important to note that the person who is annoying us is not necessarily an annoying person.When someone else acts in a certain way or says something to annoys us, it is our thoughts about his or her actions or words that create the actual annoyance. We get annoyed because we judge the words or actions of others, and that judgement creates our annoyance.When someone says or does something, it is neutral.It only becomes an annoyance if we think certain thoughts about his or her actions or words. You, on the other hand, have thoughts that deem his humming or his choice of song as being negative. Without your negative thoughts about his humming, the humming is neutral.Imagine for a second that someone you know is always humming a tune that you do not like. In other words, we can control whether we get annoyed or not through our thoughts.If someone stares at me or calls me a loser, that person is simply acting in a way that he chooses. If I start thinking that his stares or calling me names is negative, unfair, or antagonistic, I will get annoyed.


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