Thesis Statement For The Most Dangerous

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For each pair of sentences below, select the one that you think would make the more effective thesis in the introductory paragraph of a short essay (approximately 400 to 600 words).

Keep in mind that an effective thesis statement should be sharply focused and specific, not just a general statement of fact.

that imprisoning him would not solve the problem D.

the significance of the wall between himself and others C.

As Rainsford is hunted, he does his best to try to destroy Zaroff through a series of traps.

In the end, it is implied that Rainsford has proven to be the greater hunter.Author, Richard Connoll, creates suspense by conveying unsettling emotions that the audience can relate to and that give a false sense of predictability.The title of this story, a major factor of suspense, tells the audience exactly what will happen.The interior suspense gives hidden meaning to the title and adds many twists to its foreboding plot.The element of suspense, leaving audiences guessing about future events, allows the audience to get emotionally involved in the story line.In essence, Richard Connoll does not disappoint readers by deviating from the thematic conflict, but instead keeps the audience on their toes by creating a veil of the suspenseful unknown throughout the story.Indeed, Connoll successfully creates this veil of suspense in several key scenes.Both characters are well-accomplished big-game hunters. However, he tries to undermine the game by setting traps for the hunter.Rainsford's form of hunting is passive whereas Zaroff's is active.Yes, Connell makes great use of irony in this story. One example is at the beginning of the story when Rainsford is talking to Whitney, and Rainsford says, "Who cares how a jaguar feels"?


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