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She employs various ways to reveal many aspects of heritage that are otherwise hard to be noticed.In the story, she introduces two sisters with almost opposite personalities and different views on heritage: Maggie and Dee.Walker is not by any means condemning the Black Power movement when she challenges Wangero's viewpoint.

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The crisis, which occurs later in the story, happens when Dee all of a sudden comes home a different person than she was when she left.Walker uses quilts to symbolize the heritage and describes the two girls' view on quilts to show their perspectives on heritage.Maggie thinks of heritage as an attachment to her ancestors.The irony on Dee's opinion is the key to understand the story and why the mother let Maggie keep the quilts, which symbolize the heritage.The two sisters in the contrast of Alice Walker's "Everyday As the two sisters have different appearance and personalities, they have different perspectives on heritage that contrast each other.Instead, Walker is emphasizing that it should not only be those involved with the Black Power movement who should define African-American heritage. "Heritage and Deracination in Walker's 'Everyday Use.'" Studies in Short Fiction 33 (1996): 171-184. Everyday Use by Alice alker The thematic richness of "Everyday Use" is made possible by the perceptive, and flexible voice of the first-person narrator."African-Americans must take ownership of their entire heritage, including the painful, unpleasant parts (White). It is the mother's viewpoint that permits the reader to understand both Dee and Maggie.She believes the everyday use of the inherited materials, how much ever value they may retain, will keep her connected to her ancestors.She values the attachment to the ancestors more than the inherited material itself.Such an idea is revealed when Dee says, "Maggie can't appreciate these quilts!She'd probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use." When the mother asks Dee what she would do with the quilts, she says, "Hang them" (1177), which shows that Dee thinks of the quilts only as tangible antiques.


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