Thesis Change Management

Thesis Change Management-51
There are positive as well as negative results from different styles of leadership when dealing with change in the workplace.A good leader possesses the skills to conform to their employees.Many companies deal with change by informing employees as the change occurs.

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However, most companiesbelieve that they are unable to achieve this to their satisfaction.

One of the main reasons citedis their inability to manage change effectively.

Management and leaders also need to take the employee’s values into effect when promoting change.

If a leader is aware of the resistance that may occur with an employee, they can adjust their own behavior to reflect positively.

As change occurs a leader needs to be capable of giving the employees direction and a goal to work toward.

Management also needs to take the employee’s views into consideration when making decisions in regard to the change in the workplace. Companies publish their values or mission statements in an attempt to structure a specific culture.

The research summarised in this report identifies how the process of managing change can befacilitated and improved.

It builds on the main concerns and issues identified in the changemanagement literature and is supported with evidence from companies undergoing change.

Some good leadership styles to take into consideration include: charismatic, instrumental, and missionary leadership.

Although, all leadership styles depend on the situation and the employees that it will effect.


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