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The advantage of this approach is that you then write the beginning knowing what your argument is going to be.And the thesis abstract can help here, at this post-middle work stage, by acting as a working summary of the argument and the various argumentative ‘moves’ that you make in each chapter.Take note of the best and allocate the time to make yours another one to emulate.

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The thesis abstract is absolutely not something that you dash off at the very last minute before handing in the thesis.

No matter how desperate you are to be rid of it, no matter how sick and tired you are of it, you still need to spend time fine-tuning this tiny bit of prose.

If you’ve done this “middle work”, you now know what the argument is that runs through the entire text.

When you have this middle chunk done, and maybe a discussion chapter if you have one of those, you can happily go back to chapter one.

Then, and this is the most important step, you can revisit your early abstract seriously when you have written the middle chapters – that’s if you are following the most common approach to thesis writing.

Many people suggest that you start the thesis from the middle, working with the actual research you have done.The thesis abstract is the first thing that your examiner reads. On the basis of the abstract alone, before they start the text proper, the examiner will form some expectations about what is in store – how well the thesis is likely to be written, whether it is going to be well argued and evidenced, whether it is going to be lively or dull.While the abstract is a short piece of writing, it is a very important little text.They don’t do an extensive trawl of the methodology and methods, this is left to the thesis proper. It will help to have a look at some thesis abstracts in your area.There are some doozies out there – good to see what not to do – and some really good ones – these show what it’s possible to do in a well crafted tiny text.Writing the abstract about half of the thesis is a mistake. It’s also not the same as the research proposal – it’s not about what you’re going to do, but what you’ve done, how, what happened, what this means and how it constitutes a contribution to knowledge.The thesis abstract is a tiny version of the bigger whole, it’s a mini-me.So you can construct a preliminary argument and then put it to one side.You can come back to this working document after you’ve finished your analysis and see how it stacks up.There is no catch, the service is and is only intended to provide a helping hand to anyone who wants to publish the information and to others you wish to find information.Retrieving the information from the hundreds on thesis abstracts which are already on is also free of charge.


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