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The selected teams will be offered support from an ELGRA mentor.

Students of the selected teams will then start to build their experiment assisted by qualified professionals and their ELGRA mentor (if applicable).

During this phase, the applicants will identify the members of their team, find an endorsing professor/academic supervisor and start to think about their project.

After defining their project, the students must consider in detail how they will realise their proposed experiment.

A few weeks after the campaign the team is required to submit a feedback report on the experiment opportunity as supplied by the ESA Education Office.

Documents expected: Feedback report Deadline: November-December Students of the selected teams must analyse the results obtained during the campaign and provide ESA's Education Office with the final version of their report within 4 months of performing their experiment.Later on, the students will write a scientific paper, co-authored by the ELGRA mentor (if applicable).Some of the students may also be sponsored to attend international conferences (such as the ELGRA Biennial Symposium) in order to present their results to the scientific community.Although the catapult mode may appear more attractive, the implementation of the experiment is more complicated and may not even be feasible.Reading the ZARM Drop Tower User Manual document is mandatory.Students should show that they have very good knowledge of their project topic using references to bibliography and scientific literature in the field and giving the details of the results expected.Documents expected: Experiment proposal Deadline: Autumn / Winter The proposals will be evaluated by a review board composed of experts from the European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA), ZARM, ESA’s Human Spaceflight and Operations Directorate and ESA’s Education Office.ZARM and the University of Bremen have technical laboratories and other facilities available for hire upon request.For more information on this, please contact the drop tower operators.The experiment is expected to be fully equipped with all necessary subsystems.In certain circumstances it may be possible for the team to use special equipment (e.g.


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