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She has also written two novels, "El fin de la historia" and "Zo Liliana Heker began her literary career at age 17, mentored by Argentine writer Abelardo Castillo.

She has also written two novels, "El fin de la historia" and "Zo Liliana Heker began her literary career at age 17, mentored by Argentine writer Abelardo Castillo.

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She was a collaborator in Argentina literary magazine "The Paper Cricket" and founded, along with Castillo, The Golden Bug and The Platypus.

She has published several short story books which have been collected in "Cuentos" (Alfaguara).

You can see Rosaura doing this by washing her hair so that it would be "all nice and shiny" like all the other rich kids.

Also her mother "starched her Christmas dress" for her because she knew everyone was going to be dressing formal.

At this point, Rosaura realizes she was not anything special after all, she was literally a maid at the party, but she was too busy trying to fit in, she did not realize she was the maid until after she was rewarded with money.

The party is "stolen" from Rosaura because it's the most wonderful thing she's ever experienced.What Rosaura does not realize is that she is trying to impress people, who think she is unequal to them. She got so caught up in being like all the other rich kids; She forgot she was the "daughter of the maid." Her mother told her if someone ever asked where she was from, she would have to say "[She's] the daughter of the employee" because she knew if her daughter said she was the daughter of a maid, the kids would understand she was unequal to them.One of the girls at the party asked Rosaura who she was, and of course Rosaura said she was a friend of Luciana's. Conclusion As soon as money was offered the real nature of the relationship becomes clear.This is the first time I've come across Liliana Heker, apparently very well-known in her native Argentina.The book is a small one and I wished I'd found it in Spanish; I think these stories would be perfect for reading in Spanish.She feels like she belongs and is a part of this wonderful world, but in the end, she discovers that she was considered the "help" and that was the only reason she was even invited.All the joy of the party is stolen away in the moment Seniora Ines tries to pay her, and even the stuff that wasn't a task (like getting to hold the monkey) doesn't matter to her anymore, it was tarnished.The Stolen Party by Lilianan Heker is a short story about a girl's life experience that changes her point of view of society.One day, she gets an invitation to a rich daughter's birthday. Because of Rosaura's youth and innocence , she doesn't realize the true meaning of the invitation and firmly believes that there is no social distinction between the rich and the poor.She clearly opposes her mother's view who thinks that they are nothing but liars."Monkeys at a birthday? "Get away with you, believing any nonsense you're told! She thought it unfair of her mother to accuse other rich people of being liars simply because they were rich.( 22) She doesn't approve the way her mother speaks, her mother uses mean words that really offend her: "The problem with you young lady, is that you like to fart higher than your ass."�( 22 ) Rosaura thinks she is smarter than her mother because she has a better education than her mother and because she is one of the best in her class.The little girl thinks she knows more simply because she shares the company of her higher class when in fact she is blinded by her naiveté.


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