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A special type of infrared laser, known as a swept-wavelength external cavity quantum ...Researchers have developed the first fully-integrated, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas sensor enabled by specially engineered synthetic materials known as metamaterials. A research team has developed a new method for actively controlling the breaking of chemical bonds by shining infrared lasers on tiny antennae.“What’s nice about what Jacob has done is to not just come up with a design, but to show the science behind it, and why it is better,” says Rolland.

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Engineers have made major improvements on their design of an optical neural network -- a device inspired by how the human brain works -- that can identify objects or process information at the speed ...

Scientists have developed an algorithm that can determine whether a super-resolution microscope is operating at maximum resolution based on a single image. Researchers have modeled a method to manipulate nanoparticles as an alternative mode of propulsion for tiny spacecraft that require very small levels of thrust.

Scientists are using nanoparticle screening on personal care products and finding previously thought toxic chemicals may not be harmful.

Researchers discuss their work successfully using microchips ...

Reimers, a Ph D student and the lead author, and Rolland, the Brian J.

Thompson Professor of Optical Engineering and Reimers’s thesis advisor, describe a spectrometer using three freeform surface mirrors, that: “Spectrometers monitor the environment, help examine patients, and are broadly used for many other applications.

This research may have applications in improving the ...

In a key step toward making large-scale optical neural networks practical, researchers have demonstrated a first-of-its-kind multilayer all-optical artificial neural network. Researchers have developed a way to enhance the imaging speed of two-photon microscopy up to 5 times without compromising resolution.

Scientists have recently shown how valuable light-sensitive macromolecules are: when exposed to the right wavelength of light, they can be transformed so as to change, erase or decode the molecular ...

An explosion is a complex event involving quickly changing temperatures, pressures and chemical concentrations.


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