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Sydney Carton puts on the façade of being insolent and indifferent, but his true nature is expressed in the book when he puts others first, defends Charles, and dies for the ones he loves.Charles Darnay is a once wealthy aristocrat whose attempts at heroism include going back to France, his financial sacrifice, and the noble way in which he was willing to face his death.Sydney Carton saves Darnay from death in this trial with his miraculous wits.

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Carton has a better perspective on the situation in France as opposed to Charles Darnay. However, the reader could interpret a misuse of them.

Darnay’s return to France to save Gabelle and help save the peasants was very notable, but probably not the most intelligent act to make.

Sydney Carton is a true hero in the way that he puts others first.

He shows this quality as he works for Stryver to save the wrongfully accused from death and when he goes back to France to try to help put a stop the bloodshed.

Sydney Carton seems to be the novels predominant character associated with resurrection.

At first, Carton is a drunken man who's life has no meaning.

Throughout this story various characters are "recalled to life", meaning that they have had a new chance at life. Manette is clearly mad after being in prison for eighteen years. Lorry eventually nurse the doctor back to a healthy state and out of his insane state they had "recalled him to life." Dr. Manette's life back to him or "recalled him to life." Another instance in which someone is "recalled to life" involves Charles Darnay.

Manette was nursed from an insane state with no real life to a sane one with a very functional life. Charles Darnay is on trial for treason in England(Book 2, Ch.2-4). J Stryver and Sydney Carton are representing Darnay in this trial.

A Tale of Two Cities, written by Charles Dickens, takes place during the French Revolution.

The book centers on the heroic attempts of Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay.


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