Static Characters In Barn Burning

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Abner Snopes - Sartoris’s father and a serial arsonist.

Net and an Unnamed Sister - Sartoris’s twin sisters.

In his brief description of the two women, Faulkner focuses on their physicality and corpulence. Lizzie supplies a voice of justice and morality when she boldly asserts, at the end of the story, that if Sartoris does not warn the de Spains that their barn is about to be burned, then she will. Lula wears a smooth, gray gown with lace at the throat, with rolled-up sleeves and an apron tied around her.

The main character, Abner Snopes, sharecrops to make a living for his family. Out of resentment for wealthy people, he burns their barns to get revenge.

Abner’s character over the course of the story is unchanging in that he is cold hearted, lawless, and violent.

Family loyalties are put to the test, and Abner ultimately is brought to justice at the end of the story.

Though his son Sarty Snopes is a round and dynamic character, Abner contrastingly is a relatively flat and static character, as he depicts only a select few character traits, while resisting any notable personal change throughout the story.

He has inherited his innocence and morality from his mother, but his father’s influence has made Sartoris old beyond his years.

He is forced to confront an ethical quandary that pits his loyalty to his family against the higher concepts of justice and morality.

Snopes’s unpredictable nature unsettles de Spain, and he uneasily answers Snopes’s charges in court. Harris - A landowner for whom the Snopeses were short-term tenants.

The plaintiff in the first court case, Harris had attempted to resolve the conflict over the Snopeses’ hog.


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