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There is also an SSAT Flex Test, which allows an applicant to take the test on a date other than one of the eight scheduled tests.This option is not available for Elementary Level tests, and can only be used once in a testing year (August 1 - July 31).We should really be talking about more important things like the environment .

This information can be very valuable in regards to which test-taking strategies you employed (ie., guessing vs leaving a question blank), as well as which SSAT practice tests you felt were most helpful in your preparation.

Sample Topic: Do you agree that no good deed goes unpunished? Granted, you’re only seeing the beginning of the essay, but you can tell from the way it ends that the author is about to go off on a tangent about the environment instead of discussing the topic. Phrases such as “I mean” and “In my opinion” give the essay a tone that’s too familiar and too emotional. If it is an “agree or disagree” prompt, decide what position you would take and think of three examples you would use to explain or describe your topic.

Formula scoring is used when scoring Middle and Upper Level SSATs: There is no “passing” score on the SSAT; scores are forwarded to the school for which the student is applying, and their administrators will use their own criteria to evaluate the results.

Your Middle and Upper Level SSAT score report will include the following sections: This section includes identifying personal information, including: This section will identify whether you took the Middle Level SSAT (grades 5-7) or the Upper Level SSAT (grades 8-11).

This is an estimated range that your scaled score fits into, in order to account for fluctuation of scores in subsequent tests due to the inability to estimate your proficiency perfectly accurately.

This section describes how SSAT Percentile Score is determined: This section will provide you with information regarding your performance in each section of the test.The SSAT is available for any student going into grades 4-12 and wishing to go to a private or independent school.Scores are usually released to schools within two weeks of submission.It always bothers me when people talk about punishment. I mean, there are some kids out there who do really good things, even though people don’t notice them. While you always want to present your opinion, you should do it in a detached, formal way, as if writing a newspaper article. In my opinion, everyone spends too much time talking about whether or not there is enough punishment in the world. Many of these online resources can be found absolutely free online, such as: The Secondary School Admissions Test consists of three levels of testing: the Elementary Level, the Middle Level, and the Upper Level.These are based on the level of schooling the student has achieved upon applying to a private or independent school.Performance on the SSAT is an important factor in a candidate’s application for admission to a private or independent school.SSAT practice tests and other resources are available for interested applicants.SSAT Scaled Scores are given for each section of the test (verbal, quantitative, reading).The sum of each section’s scaled score is also shown as one total scaled score.


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