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Other language combinations, like Chinglish, often a combination of Mandarin and English, are also acknowledged as a Community of Practice for bilinguals.

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The boundaries between English and Spanish are blurred, and the speaker jumps back and forth as they please. The outer-sphere however, is a much different space for a foreign bilingual speaker.

The outer-sphere consists of the societal normalcies that cater to the English only speakers and gives them an unfair advantage when speaking with native Spanish speaking bilinguals.

Iglesias, who speaks Spanish and English, creates a humorous effect on how people from the "motherland" of Mexico speak rather fast, even for himself.

Iglesias has the ability to speak two different languages (bilingualism) and codeswitches between the two languages in a lot of his skits.

On the contrary, whites of course speak perfect English but when they attempt to speak Spanish, their heavy English accent does not concern them, though it disrespects and upsets native Spanish speakers.

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Hill says for them it’s like hearing “nails on a chalkboard”.The skit can relate to our standard language ideology in that the Spanish speaking language is fast and hard to understand and he presents that concept through mock Spanish. Hill’s 1999 work “Language, Race, and White Public Space” she piggy-backs off of a piece of 1996 literature written by Bonnie Urciuoli about bilingual Puerto Ricans living in New York City.While referring to these bilingual Puerto Ricans, Hill acknowledges that they symbolize all of the greater Spanish speaking community, not just themselves.This is an episode from the show Glee, where the Spanish/Glee teacher gives the assignment to perform songs in both Spanish and English, switching back and forth during the songs.At the end of the episode the teacher dresses up as a matador and one of the students is unhappy with how his perception of the culture is.This sign is a advertisement targeting both English and Spanish speakers for a delivery driver job, under the English portion the sign simply says "Se Necesita Delivery guy".The use of the Spanish mock Spanish is indexing Spanish speakers.The whole episode has many examples of mock Spanish.Comedian Gabriel Iglesias "Spanish Radio" skit relates to language ideologies regarding the Spanish language.Hill’s main points throughout the article argue that there are two spheres of spoken language throughout a community and that there is a blatant double standard between whites and the Spanish speaking people.Let’s start with the two spheres of bilingual spoken language.


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