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There is a large element of creative thinking in solving open problems.The creative thinking skills can be divided into several key elements: Effective problem solving requires a controlled mixture of analytical and creative thinking.To be a good problem solver you need to be able to switch from one group of skills to the other and back again, although this is not always easy.

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Problem-solving may seem straightforward at first glance, but there are many employees who stumble over one or more of the critical steps, failing to successfully resolve workplace issues.

Innovation - putting new ideas or concepts to a practical use, as in the development of a new product or service.

Understanding the critical components involved in problem-solving will help you improve this skill set and demonstrate your expertise to employers.

It provides a logical framework for problem solving and helps to select the best alternative from those available by narrowing down the range of possibilities (a convergent process)..

Analytical thinking often predominates in solving closed problems, where the many possible causes have to be identified and analysed to find the real cause.


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