Solving Equilibrium Problems Physics

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The second condition necessary to achieve equilibrium involves avoiding accelerated rotation (maintaining a constant angular velocity.

Several familiar factors determine how effective you are in opening the door. First of all, the larger the force, the more effective it is in opening the door—obviously, the harder you push, the more rapidly the door opens. If you apply your force too close to the hinges, the door will open slowly, if at all.

Most people have been embarrassed by making this mistake and bumping up against a door when it did not open as quickly as expected.

Finally, the direction in which you push is also important.

The most effective direction is perpendicular to the door—we push in this direction almost instinctively. Torque is the turning or twisting effectiveness of a force, illustrated here for door rotation on its hinges (as viewed from overhead). (a) Counterclockwise torque is produced by this force, which means that the door will rotate in a counterclockwise due to F. Describe this state using the language of physics — equations; in particular, component analysis equations. Whenever you're given a pile of vectors and you need to combine them, components is the way to go — especially if you have no expectation of any special relationships among the vectors. The sign isn't going anywhere (it's not accelerating), therefore the three forces are in equilibrium. We used component analysis since it's the default approach. You can calculate all the gravitational force values, and you have the distances of all forces from the pivot A.Hopefully, you can see the progression in solving this kind of problem from drawing the picture, to analyzing the forces, to applying the conditions for equilibrium to writing the equations.The sum would be the resultant vector connecting the tail of the first vector to the head of the last.When forces are in equilibrium, their sum is zero and their will be no resultant.The variables have been defined as: T rope and the block.This system is useful because it relates the weight of the block to the tension in the rope.This means, it should be possible to arrange the three vectors in this practice problem into a closed figure — a triangle. Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.


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