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Small Essay On Education-11
Whatever we learn and imbibe during our lifespan is informal education.

Whatever we learn and imbibe during our lifespan is informal education.

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Education helps us to know rules and regulations and makes us responsible citizens of our country.

Everyone knows that education is very important for our life. Education is the basic requirement nowadays for everything that we wish to do.

Children Should Be Educated Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.

Educating is when someone is train or instructed to improve their mind or character.

The main reason being, we need to be alert and aware of things that affect our daily life.

It is the need of all human beings to know about what is happening so that they can plan for future and take any steps to counter immediate problems and situations. People can study to become engineers, doctors, accountants, computer experts, government servants and many other professions.Therefore when children spent most of their time in doing academic works they wouldn’t have the change to do unpleasant things that would put them into trouble example committing crimes.Countless words are written daily about the importance of education.Mostly, people write about empowerment that education bestows upon us rather generously. Education begins at home and continues throughout our life. It helps them to learn new things, find good jobs and lead a respectable life in the society.The more educated a person the higher is the chances of her or his success in life. Education helps us to lead a good and healthy life.If we need to work, our employers will ask about our education.When getting married, the bride or groom’s family will also ask our educational qualifications.A child future depends mostly on his or her educational background.Education can influence income for example different jobs has different pay role in its organization therefore the more qualify you a there more income you receive ( Havighurst& Levine, 1986).Education helps us to know uses of various types of food and how to consume them.It also educates us about how to protect ourselves from diseases and stay away from bad habits.


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