Small Business Wireless Plans

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Decision makers should take the time to read product reviews of specific models.

However, most executives find that individual plans supply unsuitable features and may not scale effectively as the company grows.

The most popular plans often include one or many of the following offers: • Multiple lines and devices at no additional cost. • Data-only plans for customers who don't need talk or text.

To obtain the right features and avoid wasting money, business owners should compare several cellphone carriers and plans to find the plan that works best for their business.

As president of a comprehensive comparison engine for business and consumer cellphone plans, I’ve spent years analyzing the wireless industry and cellphone plan landscape.

An increasing number of employees work remotely and are able to get work done on the road without missing a beat.

In fact, 43% of Americans in the workforce said they spent at least some time working remotely in 2016.

• Widespread or need-specific international coverage. • Reduced costs for higher numbers of lines or devices.

The top carriers employ salespeople who specialize in serving business customers.

The right choice differs depending on the specific countries that workers visit.

It costs comparatively little to obtain adequate service in Mexico or Canada.


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