Skidmore And Smith Thesis

These electronic documents may be accessed through Scholar Works Mitchell, Rebecca: Advisor: Mark Skidmore. Dacites of the northern Gallatin and western Beartooth ranges, Montana, 109 pp. Hydrogen production from mechanically activated basalt under experimental conditions simulating subglacial environments Moore, Megan: Advisor: Jamie Mc Evoy Understanding Ranchers' Beliefs and Behaviors Regarding Drought and Natural Water Storage in Southwest Montana Nicholas, Grace: Advisor: Jean Dixon Saly, Diana: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx Using Time-Lapse Photography to Document Terrain Preferences of Backcountry Skiers Sando, Linnea: Advisor: Bill Wyckoff Sheep Country in Three Western American Localities: Place Indentity, Landscape, Community, and Family. Geology and ore deposits of the Alder Gulch area, Little Rocky Mountains, Montana, 81 pp. Geothermometry of selected Montana hot springs waters, 141 pp.

Tags: Accounting Homework Answers FreeExpository Essay On Videos And ViolenceEssay Writing Skills With Readings + Connect GrammarHomework Now.ComExamples Of Argument EssaysNhs Application EssayOnline Research PaperPersonal Essay For Graduate SchoolCommonwealth Essay Competition 2013 SingaporeCollege Essay About Basketball Griggs, Russell: Advisor: Mark Skidmore. Characterization of subglacial till from Robertson Glacier, Alberta, Canada: implications for biogeochemical weathering Imai, Takuya Advisor: David Varricchio Sedimentological analyses of eggshell transport and deposition: Implication and application to eggshell taphonomy. Iglesias, Virgina: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock Holocene climate, vegetation, fire linkages along the Patagonian Forest/Steppe Ecotone. The structural, volcanic, and hydrothermal geology of the Warm Springs creek area, eastern Garnet Range Powell county, Montana, 84 pp (2 plates).

id=1688 Lynn, Helen: Advisor: David Lageson Structural control on fluid migration through thrust sheets of the Stewart Peak culmination, Northern Salt River Range, Wyoming Soil mineralogy used to distinguish solifluction deposits formed under a periglacial environment on the Boulder Batholith, Jefferson county, Montana, 109 pp. Scofield, Garrett B.: Advisor: David Varricchio Analysis of hadrosaur teeth from Egg Mountain Quarry, a diffuse micorsite locality, Upper Cretaceous, Two Medicine Formation, northwest Montana Sigler, Valerie: Advisor: Jamie Mc Evoy Water Conservation: Transforming Information & Attitudes Into Action Sykes, John: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx Travel Behavior and Decision-Making of Lift Access Backcountry Skiers Anderson, Colter: Advisor: Dave Lageson Strategic Framework and Provenance of the Lower Belt Supergroup (Newland Formation), Helena Embayment, Central Montana Krumenacker, L. Stratigraphy, petrography and environment of deposition of the Frontier Formation on the western margin of the Crazy Mountain basin, south-central Montana, 160 pp.

J.: Advisor: David Varricchio Osteology, phylogeny, taphonomy and ontogenetic histology of Oryctodromeus cubicularis from the middle Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian) of Montana and Idaho. Implementation and evaluation of the NESA Program at Glacier National Park, Montana, 59 pp. Thacker, Jacob: Advisor: David Lageson Structural and mineralogic characterization of the South Prairie fault in the Stillwater Complex, Beartooth Mountains, Montana. Hydrogeology and geothermal potential of the Radersburg Valley, Broadwater county, Montana, 160 pp. White, Alicia: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock Ecosystem Response to Holocene Fire and Climate Change at Hobart Lake, Southwestern Oregon. Determining snowpack accumulation at snow course sites in southwestern Montana using climatic station data and meteorological parameters--an assessment, 82 pp. Hoyer, Ian: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx An Investigation of the Spatial Variability and Efficacy of the Extended Column Test. Structural setting of Teton Pass with emphasis of fault breccia associated with the Jackson Thrust Fault, Wyoming, 64 pp. Jeffrey, Sarah: Advisor: David Lageson Structurally-controlled hydrothermal diagenesis of Paleozoic reservoir rocks exposed in the Big Snowy Arch, central Montana. Environmental geology of the southeast margin of the Gallatin Valley, Gallatin County, Montana, 106 pp (6 plates). Fox, Nicholas R: Advisor: David Mogk Mangini, Seth: Advisor: Mark Skidmore. The geology and geothermal potential of the upper Madison Valley between Wolk Creek and the Missouri Flats, Madison County, Montana, 108 pp (1 plate). An investigation of the reactions of supercritical CO and brine with the Berea sandstone, muscovite, and iron bearing minerals Welz, Jason: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx Understanding the spatial distribution of snow water equivalent in paired basins in southwest Montana. Lithostratigraphy and depositional setting of the limestone-rich interval of the La Hood Formation (Belt Supergroup), southwestern Montana, 87 pp. Wieland, Matt: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx The influence of forest on the distribution and size of surface hoar in small meadows. Cenozoic geomorphic history relating to Lewis and Clark Caverns, Montana, 150 pp (4 plates). Adam, Zachary: Advisor(s): Mark Skidmore and David Mogk Microfossil paleontology and biostratigraphy of the early Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroup, Montana. The geology of the northern flank of the upper Centennial Valley, Beaverhead and Madison counties, Montana, 86 pp (2 plates). The College of Graduate Studies began accepting student theses and dissertations electronically in Spring 2003. Electronic submissions became mandatory in Fall 2004. Van Peursem, Kyle: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx Validation of a coupled weather and snowpack model across western Montana and its application as a tool for avalanche forecasting. Geology for land use planning, Jack Creek basin, Madison County, Montana, 90 pp. Evans, Thomas V.: Advisor: David Varricchio A critical evaluation of our understanding of bone transport and deposition in fluvial channels. Geology and hydrology of hot springs in the upper Jefferson Valley, Montana, 100 pp. Qualitative hydrogeologic model of thermal springs in fractured crystalline rock, 197 pp.


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