Six Sigma And Thesis

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This research is carried out for finding sustainability factors which will motivate multinational companies for investing in Six Sigma.The Six Sigma is regarded as a business management methodology which is designed for finding and eliminating the underlying causes of defects which will eventually improve the output.

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This thesis has focused on how a standardized process has helped to design efficient, cost-effective and sustainable packages in the food industry.

The standardized process used was the lean six-sigma methodology called DMADV.

It can be regarded as an improvement strategy which has the ability to deliver important business benefits in the longer run to all practitioner organizations (Guarraia, Carey, Corbett, & Neuhaus, 2008).

However the debate is still underway which is in search of finding ways to have a successful model/procedure which can be applied to various fields of business.

Q1: What is the success and failure rate of six sigma implementation in Pakistan and India considering small, medium and large scale organizations?

Q2: What can be the core success reasons for having a successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma in Pakistan and India?

Lean separates the value added process from the unnecessary steps which merely waste time and elongates a process from start to finish.

He was of the opinion that this strategy will help in attaining better results with an integrated approach (George M. This paper is aimed to find out “Six Sigma Success or Failure Experiences in Pakistan and India” for which we have conducted our research through online journals, articles and various case studies of companies which had implemented Six Sigma or are planning to implement in search of professionals who can assist them in applying this tool properly.

It is basically a people focused management system that works by connecting all employees of a certain organization from top-to-bottom, in the form of a structured team (Thawani, 2002).

It aims to persistently increase customer contentment by reducing real costs.


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