Self Hatred Essay

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Geraldine holds her dead, blue-eyed cat, and staring at Pecola in her tattered clothes and muddy shoes, calls her a "nasty little black bitch" and bans her from the house.

Both Geraldine's and Junior's shame and internalized racism cause them to be cruel to Pecola.

She creates distinctions between herself and Junior, and less economically privileged black people.

Geraldine also uses colorism to distinguish herself within the black community.

She considers herself to be superior to darker skinned black people and discourages...

She considers herself to be superior to darker skinned black people and discourages Junior from interacting with black people who she considers to be below her and Junior.

Her classmate, Maureen Peal, is light-skinned and beloved.

The black boys in their class not only admire Maureen but submit to her. The narrator tells the reader about how boys's eyes "genuflect" in Maureen's exalted presence.

Geraldine, a light-skinned black woman, and her son, Junior, are part of an economically privileged class within black American society.

Geraldine's internalized racism and classism had caused her to hate fellow black people, particularly low income black people.


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