Romeo And Juliet Essay On Act 1 Scene 5

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Other characters in this scene include Capulet, Tybalt and The Nurse.

Furthermore, Shakespeare has included all the themes in this scene; love, hatred, fate and family.

I feel that this way the audience then and now would be able to see clearly who is in charge and important. She is very close to Juliet; however she is not actually a Capulet. Conclusion This may be because of his own views on how marriage and love worked or perhaps to make the play dramatic and really draw the audience in as it may relate to them or seem absurd.

Furthermore, you can see that as Romeo and Juliet's love grows stronger, the hate grows as well as the tension, and ultimately this leads to the loss of many lives.

One of the key ways that Romeo and Juliet became a classic is because it is dramatically effective.

One of the key scenes of the play, Act 1 Scene 5 is a strong example of a scene that is dramatically effective.Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 5 – Dramatically Effective?Romeo and Juliet is widely regarded as William Shakespeare’s greatest piece of writing; one of the greatest tragedies ever written.Furthermore, Romeo is shown to speak in blank verse and rhymed verse - 'bright' and 'night', which indicates him to be a higher class character.Romeo is seen enticing Juliet as he continues to praise her for her beauty; 'for earth too dear', this proves that he is in love with her and that he is a caring character as he is generous in complimenting the person whom he loves. Middle Due to his actions, Tybalt is made more furious.In Shakespeare's era, pride respect and honour were very important, therefore this is showing that Capulet doesn't want a fight at the feast as he wants to protect the family name.As he is head of the Capulet family, he is of a higher status thus meaning he talks in blank verse and rhymed verse."I would not for the wealth of all this town Here in my house do him disparagement.Therefore be patient, take no note of him; It is my will, the which if thou respect, Show a fair presence, and put off these frowns, An ill-beseeming semblance for a feast." Capulet uses the words 'my house' to show that he is in charge, also he tries to calm Tybalt down by saying 'be patient' and 'take not note of him'.Overall, Act 1 Scene 5 is a vital scene in the play, 'Romeo and Juliet' as Shakespeare answers the questions of the audience from the prologue.He has entwined all the themes into this one scene, so that you can see the contrast and perhaps guess what is to happen.


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