Rigorous Coursework In High School Might Mean

Conversely, neglecting to enroll in higher level coursework could minimize your opportunities to take other courses later.(If your high school does not offer honors or AP courses, you will not be expected to take those.

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Though both hold the same GPA, the first student has a much stronger academic profile, and will likely have a stronger case for admission.

Perhaps more importantly, however, the student who enrolled in the more rigorous coursework will also be much more prepared for the intellectual challenges of the college classroom.

College admissions officers evaluate your application—and the strength of your curriculum—based upon what is available at your school.)As you consider course selection for next year, be mindful of choosing the appropriate level of rigor, while also balancing other needs.

Colleges want students who challenge themselves outside the classroom as well, and in order to do this, you need to have time and energy after school work.

Ultimately, college admissions officers are hoping to admit students who have demonstrated two important qualities via their course selection: Strength of curriculum can be a stark differentiator on the college application.

Consider two students with a 4.0 GPA from the same high school.

Whatever your academic interest, you’ll find a course to match it.

Today we address a topic at the heart of some of our most challenging conversations with families: course rigor.

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