Review Of Literature On Customer Satisfaction In Life Insurance

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The paper extends our understanding of the insured’s usage attitude toward and satisfaction with life insurers’ app services by integrating the technology acceptance model and innovation diffusion theory. (2015), "The relationship between attitude toward using and customer satisfaction with mobile application services", Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Vol.

The results have practical implications for reinforcing customer relationship management and contribute to fulfilling the need for marketing evidence in life insurance.

Customer Satisfaction Factors in Life Insurance Growth in Ghana by Geraldine Gina Abaidoo MBA, University of Ghana, 2003 BA, University of Cape Coast, 1996 Doctoral Study Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Business Administration Walden University December 2015 Abstract The growth rate of life insurance in Ghana is under 1% of GDP, and life insurance company leaders must identify and implement customer satisfaction strategies that will aid business…

Life insurance players have started realizing that their business depends on customer service and customer satisfaction.

Considerable research has been conducted on these two concepts.

Whereas there exists a widespread agreement that understanding what contributes to customer satisfaction could be the key to achieving competitive advantage, an overview of the literature shows that as a theoretical construct, customer satisfaction is problematic to define and operationalize, especially in relation to perceived service quality.Therefore, the insurance players need to realize that business depends on client service and the satisfaction of the customer and therefore it is imperative for them to improve customer service quality.Service quality takes a prominent position in the marketing management literature.The methodology of mobile commerce as a significant application for both enterprises and customers are becoming crucial, but few studies discuss the usage attitude toward and customer satisfaction with mobile application (app) services in the life insurance industry.The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of attitude toward using life insurers’ mobile app services on customer satisfaction.On the basis of their conceptual/empirical studies, researchers derived and proposed different service quality dimensions for various service applications as illustrated in The SERVQUAL scale measures service quality based on difference between expectations and performance perceptions of customers using 22 items and five dimensional structures.In the SERVPERF scale, service quality is operationalized through performance only scores based on the same 22 items and five dimensional structure of SERVQUAL.The proposed framework attempts to provide a blueprint for appropriate course of action (by life insurance service providers) to create a base of satisfied customers through quality an experience of over 5 years in teaching marketing subjects.Her interest areas are Services Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior.This research, using confirmatory factor analyses, proposes a six dimensional service-quality instrument consisting of ‘assurance’, ‘personalized financial planning’, ‘competence’, ‘corporate image’, ‘tangibles’ and ‘technology’ in life insurance.A causal model, using structural equation modeling, is suggested to investigate the effects of the proposed service quality instrument on customer satisfaction (‘satisfaction with agents’, ‘satisfaction with functional services’, ‘satisfaction with company’ and finally with ‘overall satisfaction’).


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