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Today’s software industry is more global and distributed than it has been ever before.

The primary evaluation criteria are high-quality submissions, innovative aspects in the domain of global software engineering, the practical impact of the proposed study, and thorough evaluation.

The final decision will be made by the guest editors, in consultation with the journal’s Editors-in-Chief and the Special Issues Editor.

Albeit known, these distances are still causing severe breakdowns in communication and collaboration among distributed teams.

As such, there is a considerable gap to fill in and establish how to manage such challenges effectively.

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A sign-up option for our newsletter is available here.For the sake of transparency and reproducibility, we strongly encourage authors to share their analysis scripts, on freely accessible code repositories (e.g., Git Hub, Bitbucket), as well as the empirical datasets on Dataverse (), following Google guidelines to dataset providers ( Submissions will be reviewed by at least three experts in the field.While Global Software Engineering (GSE) has become part of everyday life by now, succeeding in the global software industry remains challenging, with a considerable share of global projects still not meeting the expectations, especially regarding cost savings and time to market.Over the past decade, research on GSE has uncovered many challenges associated with operating over physical, temporal, and cultural distances.OBJECTIVES AND TOPICS This special issue aims to publish new contributions to the field of GSE research.In particular, we seek high-quality empirical studies and practical experience reports on the effects of collaboration techniques, productivity evaluations of distributed teams from empirical field studies, and industry case studies providing solutions to the GSE challenges.[Read More] Join us in person at the PEARC19 Conference there will be a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session “Building a Community of Research Software Engineers.” The session is scheduled for pm Monday, July 29 in the New Orleans room.[Read More] The US-RSE Association is centered around three main goals.We like an inclusive definition of Research Software Engineers to encompass those who regularly use expertise in programming to advance research.This includes researchers who spend a significant amount of time programming, full-time software engineers writing code to solve research problems, and those somewhere in-between.


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