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Research Paper On Change Management-54
Only one in five change management leaders reported real success.The organisational inertia of managing the day-to-day and the inevitable problems that arise will cause a business to drift. Because without a prodding outside force creating a crisis of sorts, leaders won’t sit down and do the careful thinking, planning and strategizing to make success happen.To illustrate why it’s important to create an interruption or crisis, consider this .

Only one in five change management leaders reported real success.

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As collaborative change managers and consultants, you are the architects of teams that are both task AND relationship orientated.

To lead change successfully, managers need to ask two questions: Thinking through your next or current change initiative, ask and answer the following questions, in an area of you’d like to improve performance, which change management element is missing or which element could be bolstered: : When setting the focus and the context of goals, your beliefs will inform your focus.

By designing collaborative sessions to bring key people together and work through the problems and opportunities will make a significant difference to your project. “Collaboration is working with others to complete a task and achieve shared goals” Collaboration in the organisational context is the structured methods of introspection of behaviour and communication. Just put a bunch of people in a room and do a brainstorming session.

These methods specifically aim to increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative problem-solving. That could work, but a structured approach will take it to a whole new level.

The first crisis that most organizations need to create is to realize that most approaches to change management don’t work.

According to an IBM Change Management Study, , almost half of all organizational change efforts deliver less than half of their expectations.

Creating a crisis isn’t negative-nelly thinking; it galvanises people to take both urgent and realistic actions.

The annals of business literature are littered with companies who’ve relied on their market dominance, believing they could not fail, and well, failed.

The emergent state of affairs threatens to exacerbate existing vulnerabilities and poses unprecedented challenges and opportunities for practitioners and duty bearers worldwide.

Climate change management is therefore appropriately cast as a broad and inclusive field of investigation which comprises diverse constituent parts and invites holistic management responses.


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