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Some strengths I can identify in my own writing is that I am good at making sure that I give the reader a handful of visual aid while reading....

Some strengths I can identify in my own writing is that I am good at making sure that I give the reader a handful of visual aid while reading....[tags: Writing, Writing process, English-language films] - "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - - - Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Throughout the semester I have had to write a number of essays using a variety of techniques.

Over the years writing has always been a challenge for me.

This class has taught me a lifelong lesson of how to use my writing in my everyday life and throughout my future.

Before college, I would write assuming that the only reader, or audience, would be my teacher.

Composition helped me realize the many steps that are involved in the writing process from free writing to making a final copy.

While other kids would be enjoying the outdoors and playing games, I would often be found writing away what I thought would be the next famous children’s novel.

However, over the years, the more knowledge I took in of writing, the more of a challenge it became for me.It will help me gain more appreciation and understanding of the assignment.This essay will reflect on my writing and learning process, focusing on my metacognitive development, and experiences.As to what I have accomplished this term, I have completed twenty-two writing assignments....[tags: Writing, Writing style, Composition studies] - Reflection Writing a reflective essay is an important skill to practice.In order to create a good paper you need organize your ideas....[tags: Reflective Essay] - Reflective Self Analysis I’ve been a foreign student studying in the United States for four years. However, immediately after high school I didn’t have a desire to attend college.I perceived college as being difficult and I dreaded writing assignments for English classes.I later realized that I shouldn’t give up on educational goals simply because English isn’t my first language.I found myself struggling with the rules of grammar, finding the accurate and appropriate words to best describe my thoughts, and to see growth and maturity in my writing....[tags: Writing, Essay, Research, English grammar] - August 18th was an intimidating and nerve-wracking day; the first day of english class.


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