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These can be modified for students in elementary, middle and high school.

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He is best known as the author of “Architecture Without Architects,” about ancient monuments, nomadic tents, and other amazing instances of primeval design, and second-best known as a reform-minded interdisciplinarian whose work ranged from urban planning to interior design.

(His contribution to fashion studies, and, thereby, social theory, includes a lecture titled “How Can People Expect to Have Good Architecture When They Wear Such Clothes? ” as a major influence on her collection, telling the that everyone who makes clothing should read Rudofsky: “He writes about how fashion is not just about creativity but about all of human life.” I would go further and recommend this book-length essay to everyone who even thinks about wearing clothes.

But without the buns, the fillings would be very messy and difficult to eat.

Likewise, the bulk of the argumentation or ideas in your paper appear in the body paragraphs.

What's one of the fastest, easiest, most delicious ways to be transported? From artful novels to thrilling memoirs to gripping whodunits, author Rebecca Solnit explores how an absorbing story can carry you away.

When I was a kid, I always thought of books as a means of escape.

Then there are the actual adventurers, like Martha Gellhorn roving Europe during World War II and Patti Smith forging her art in the bohemian corners of New York City and Wilma Mankiller rising to be chief of the Cherokee Nation; not to mention those other women making whole worlds from scratch—see Ursula K. And then there is Willa Cather, whose 1915 novel, The Song of the Lark, serves up a heroine for the ages: The self-making daughter of a minister, Thea Kronborg is a strong-willed, musically gifted girl raised in a provincial Western town in the 19th century; she somehow gets herself to Chicago at 17 to study piano, thus embarking on the grandest of adventures.

She's destined, pulled along by her gifts and her will, not fitting in with her peers but finding mentors, plotting a way forward no one could have imagined for her.

I want to choose one or six of them, I want to go places, I want to travel by book—to an enchanted version of old Denmark with Isak Dinesen or the thorny reaches of contemporary feminism with Roxane Gay.

I want to walk the path of a Nicaraguan revolutionary courtesy of Gioconda Belli, or that of a nun or a dancer.


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