Puerto Rico Thesis

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Admission to UPR-MSC or to Yale BBS does not guarantee admission to the Cooperative MD-Ph D Program.

Qualifying applications will be reviewed by a combined committee at Yale consisting of Dr.

Directors of the Cooperative Program at Yale will assist UPR-MSC students in the selection of mentors for their summer rotations and will continue providing educational and career guidance during their Ph D training.

Years 4 to 7 at Yale: Years four through seven of the program will be spent at Yale.

UPR-MSC will award the MD degree and Yale University will award the Ph D degree.

During their enrollment at UPR-MSC, students will complete all of the requirements of the medical school curriculum.

During their enrollment at Yale, students will complete all of the requirements for the Ph D.

Year 8 - Return to UPR-MSC and Graduation: After receiving the Ph D from Yale University, students will return to UPR-MSC for the remainder of their medical training and to receive their MD degree.

The expectation is that the MD degree will not be awarded prior to the completion of the Ph D requirements.

It is anticipated that the collaborative Program will generally require 7-8 years to complete.


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