Process Essay On How To Bake A Cake

The mixture prepared is poured now on the baking pan from the electric mixture bowl.Normally forty to forty five minutes bake serves the purpose.

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Icing or can simple decoration can be done with the melted chocolate which can serve the purpose of icing....

Flour and water are added to make the batter smooth. The longer the stirring process is, the better is the mixture and the next stage is more convenient.

Economic sanctions against the countries providing raw materials to Rogers’ could hit production.

Damage to crops, diversion of raw materials to competitors on account of better prices etc.

While cocoa was long considered, as a crop to be grown in the plantations, the biggest challenge in the American market has been making money from it (Taylor & Akila 50).

The plant is suited to the climate in Hawaii, although it is tricky to grow, requiring a lot of expertise in chocolate processing.

are some of the other issues that can hamper production.

2.3 Social Rogers’ had not packaged itself differently based on current trends.

A birthday or any anniversary is not complete without a perfect chocolate cake.

It is the best when it comes to surprises and celebrations.


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