Problem Solving Using Linear Equations

After 12 years, the age of the mother will be twice that of her daughter. of the age when she got married and it’s been 8 years since she got married. y 4Solving the equation, 6x 5x = 44 X = 4 But, we need to find the ratio of their ages 8 years from now.What is the present age of the daughter and mother? First, let age of Sneh be x and of his father be y. Therefore, her age would be x – 8 when she got married and her present age is 9/7(x – 8). Solution: Again, there are 3 people in this question. Let present age of father, son and mother be x, y and z resp. Thus, their present ages are 24 and 20 respectively.

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When the digits are reversed, the number is increased by 27. I know it’s an easy one but still you should read it at least twice. Rearranging and simplifying the second equation in the form “y – x = 3” and solving both the equations we get, x = 2 and y = 5 Now let’s check once are we getting the right answer if x = 2 and y = 5 then the original no. But, today in this blog, we will be focused on only one type of problems i.e. These problems are very confusing and the language is a bit complex and we end up usually making up errors in the formulation of the equation.

So, I’ll discuss and try various different type of questions on this concept that will give you a thorough understanding of how to form Linear equations and solve them.

We can make two equations (d=distance in km, t=time in minutes) The two equations are shown on this graph: Our task is to find where the two lines cross. Let's use the first one (you can try the second one yourself): We can start with any equation and any variable.

And we can find the matching value of y using either of the two original equations (because we know they have the same value at x=1).

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If the problem involves a single person, then it is similar to an Integer Problem.

Read the problem carefully to determine the relationship between the numbers.

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