Problem Solving Using Fractions

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You would leave he first fraction in the problem as 12/1, then you would turn 12/13 into 13/12 and then simply multiply across to get your answer.

As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. That's a little better than 1/2, but definitely not as much as Ginger. So you decide to take her down on a fashion design show. And it's not nice to seek fashion design vengeance.

How to create bar models for fraction word problems? This was 1/3 h shorter than the time he took to paint scenery.

Problem 1: Grace thought that a plane journey would take 7/10 h but the actual journey took 1/5 h longer.

This free printable will help your child visualize math when it's applied to real-world scenarios like recipes, portions, and food.

Encourage your child to draw or model each situation.

Here are some examples and solutions of fraction word problems. The second example shows how blocks can be used to help illustrate the problem. More examples and solutions using the bar modeling method to solve fraction word problems are shown in the videos. Bar Modeling with Fractions Examples: 1) Grace thought that a plane journey would take 7/10 hr but the actual journey took 1/5 hr longer.

The bar modeling method, also called tape diagrams, are use in Singapore Math and the Common Core.

One half of the students in a school are girls, 3/5 of these girls are studying in lower classes.

What fraction of girls are studying in lower classes?


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