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If you are enrolled in a target undergrad or target MBA program in the U.

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This is important, because once you pass the Mc Kinsey resume screening, the PST is the only thing standing in your way before you can shine in Mc Kinsey interviews.

The Mc Kinsey PST tests how you approach problem solving and how well you can size up a situation.

Those enrolled in a target undergrad or target MBA program outside the U. and are applying through on-campus recruiting, you will only be asked to take the Mc Kinsey PST if the office you are applying to requires it.

If you are enrolled at a non-target undergrad or target MBA program inside or outside the U.

The Mc Kinsey Solving Problem Solving Test (or Mc Kinsey PST) sounds scary when you don’t know much about it.

After all, it’s a test created by some of the smartest people at one of the most competitive firms in the world. With the right knowledge and practice, however, you can equip yourself with the tools to crush the Mc Kinsey PST.

Oftentimes, the Mc Kinsey charts and graphs will be so complex that you could spend an hour extracting all of the insights from each one.

To make sure you’re looking at the important parts of the data, skim answers first and then go to the exhibits and text to get an idea of what you should be paying attention to.

According to our friends at MConsulting Prep, the types of questions can also be further broken down into the following: The Mc Kinsey PST goes in and out of style – just like 80s fashion.

Indeed, usage of the test changes from year to year, region to region, and office to office.


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