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Provide students multiple opportunities to refine their writing allows them to learn “how to frame their problems.” The distant past can seem uncomfortably strange to modern observers.As we discuss our class readings, one thing I like to do with my students is to explore what seems weird or even offensive to them about our texts and the societies that produced them.

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222) with the intent to change your actions in the future and is necessary when solving problems.

It is a skill required during all steps of the problem-solving process.

The other day, a physicist friend was working in the lab with her summer research students.

They were talking about the work they’d been doing that summer and how there was no manual or instructions of any sort for any of it; no textbook, no lab procedure.

Thinking about the disconnect between ancient and modern attitudes, outlooks, beliefs, and values can be an incredibly productive way to think about cultural difference over space and time.

- Professor Jonathan Conant, History and Classics Critical thinking is the “ability to assess your assumptions, beliefs, and actions” (Merriam & Bierema, 2014, p.We bring in common case scenarios for students and try to develop the frameworks they need to approach a problem rather than just finding the answer.To help students think about the process, we scaffold scenarios over the years through self-study modules that students can complete on their own.Instructors can signpost the problem-solving skills students should develop in their courses by adapting existing problem sets to fit recommendations from the Transparency in Learning and Teaching Project (TILT).The process of increasing transparency in assignments includes communicating the assignment’s purpose, task, and criteria to students (Winkelmes et al., 2016): In one study, researchers found that in courses where at least two assignments had features of transparent assignments, students self reported increases in their academic confidence, sense of belonging, and mastery of skills, such as problem solving (Winkelmes et al., 2016).Fostering critical thinking in your students is one way to create a more inclusive classroom because you are inherently asking students to challenge their assumptions and biases.Instructors can use the following conditions to promote critical thinking in your classroom (Merriam & Bierema, 2014): Instructors can develop aspects of problem solving by being intentional about team building, connecting students to alternative perspectives, and being explicit about the expectations of teamwork in the field (e.g., as a researcher, industry partner, consultant, etc.).Brown faculty from a variety of disciplines were interviewed by Sheridan staff and asked, “What skills do students need to problem solve effectively?” They responded that students need to be able to do the following: Problem solving is an iterative process, and as such, these steps do not necessarily progress in a linear fashion.The scenarios stay the same, but students can come back to them with new information and frameworks they have learned, a deeper toolbox to pull from in different clinical settings.This allows students to be lifelong learners and more flexible and adaptable in the future. Steven Rougas, Director of the Doctoring Program, Alpert Medical School Problem solving is a “goal-oriented” process that includes creating and manipulating problems as mental models (Jonassen, 2000).


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